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If you are a long time John Cooke Fraud Report reader, you might already know this. If you're not, perhaps the time has come to let you in on the secret.



John Cooke



John Cooke is the combined spirit of every individual who is involved in the fight against fraud. The reason that he has never appeared in public is because he is, in reality, all of us.  In 1994, when the first John Cooke Fraud Report was published, the question on everyone's lips was "Who is John Cooke?" Many tried to find out, going so far as to query the office building landlord, do surveillance on our building to see who was entering/exiting, and pull every sort of data search imaginable.

In issue number two, we spilled the beans -- but to this very day, we often hear stories from investigators who claim to have met John, played golf with him, employed him, taught him everything he knows, or had dinner with him just last week.

We'll not bore you with the details of how we chose the John Cooke name, however if you really want to know ... go ahead and ask. We'll answer your questions. John Cooke, being a spirit, has no secrets.

Who are the rest of us? Those who work for "John?"



Leslie Kim, Executive Editor



Leslie grew up in an insurance family and began her General Agency insurance career at the ripe old age of 14. She did all of the underwriting for the entire book of sub-standard automobile business written in Michigan by Progressive. Since Pete Lewis never would have approved of a 14-year-old  underwriter, and her family was still too poor to afford to hire a "real" underwriter, her Dad had her sign all of the company paperwork as "Mr. Cooke." True story.

During her lengthy involvement with the insurance industry, she has owned agencies, rated Lloyd's programs, worked as a consultant, done a few short stints with Corporate America, started company SIU programs, launched the JCFR, served as the Editor of a major insurer's Agent Magazine, served as the Editor of the SIU Awareness Magazine,  taught on five continents, did hundreds of speaking engagements on the topic of fraud and launched FightFraudAmerica.com. She's appeared on Dateline NBC, Maury Povich and Trinity as a recognized expert, stood in for Al Gore as an opening keynote speaker, and taught card-counting classes to Las Vegas fraud convention attendees (yes, they learned and they won!). In her "spare time," she serves as the Associate Editor of the Bulletin (the magazine of American Mensa Ltd), does the hotel contract negotiating for AML's national events, and bakes the best chocolate chip cookies in the universe. She also dotes on her 15 year old daughter, Kimberly.



Diana McGinness



We all agree on a two word description for Diana. "She rocks." She knows the schemes and scams inside out after spending 35 years with the insurance industry -- the last 15 in the Special Investigations Unit of a major insurance carrier.  She's a Director of www.fightfraudamerica.com, our immensely talented Webmistress, and (ditto) our Toolbox guru.  She believes that Joe and Jane America are basically honest folks, but when the small percentage crosses the line and steals from everyone else, Diana goes to work teaching JCFR readers how to effectively use fraud-fighting tools. She has the amazing ability to make available computer technology simple enough to understand for even certain other  technology challenged members of the FFA team. (Hint: LK.) She has an activist personality and when she digs into an issue, especially a fraud issue, she is like a dog with a bone. Nobody gets in her way -- and if they do, she mows them down and eats them for lunch. If you are a good guy, Diana can be your best friend. If you're a bad guy, watch out for this lady.   




Barry Zalma, Esq.




Barry Zalma, Esq., CFE, may have his smiling face on more books and industry articles than George Washington's is on quarters. As the author of over 500 published articles and many books on topics relating to insurance, insurance coverage, insurance claims, insurance fraud, investigation and claims handling, Barry is our resident expert on everything under the insurance sun.   We all listen to him; even Leslie. He is a California attorney and Certified Fraud Examiner with more than 40 years experience in the insurance business.  He is a frequent speaker before insurance, risk management and legal groups and is a provider of California Minimum Continuing Legal Education services.

Susan Clarke -- She has been with the JCFR since issue #3 and assisted in immeasurable ways. No matter what we ask her to do, she's there. Quiet, brilliant and always a lady. Except once ... when we SAW her flip somebody the bird when he turned his back. It was entirely deserved, by the way. However, as long as we're telling old secrets ... there was that trip to England to work on the Scotland Yard article and the Lloyd's of London article. At one point we thought we had LOST Susan Clarke. It happened when she was standing in John Kitchen's office drinking a "hot lemon" (a delicious British drink that's best described as 200 degree lemonade) when John looked up at her and asked, "Susan, would you like me to knock you up in the morning?" The sound of her mouth dropping to the floor was audible, but she recovered before we had to run for the smelling salts. An hour later, after yet another "English language" snafu (John said, "It's ten o'clock; time for me to go out for a fag!"), Susan was able to recover without special intervention. Susan is out staffer who knows how to find anything; probably because of her Library Sciences degree.

Susan D. Khabbaz -- She lives, eats and breathes graphic arts. She can take a pile of junk and turn it into a terrific looking article. She walks the walk, talks the talk, and knows all of the tekkie words.

We've also got Uncle John, Uncle Bob, Shannan and a few more. We'll get them posted on this page as soon as we can find them.