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Introducing...DATAMEX - New Tool in the Arsenal Against Insurance Fraud


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"This is a new Tool in the Arsenal Against Insurance Fraud ..."

"I had no idea that such a database existed.  What else is out there that we have not yet discovered?"
"Thank you DataMex. The results of our very first inquiry resulted in a dropped claim."

In mid-June a car driven by Moses Aurelio Flores-Perez, DOB: 02-15-48,  insured by a major insurance company for 50/100 liability limits,  allegedly ran a red light and t-boned a vehicle carrying four (soon-to-be) claimants as the company had the claimants full names and DOBs.. Armed with those reports, the adjuster instantly realized that he was dealing with an insured driver who was identifiable through the National Mexican Identification Index, so after he had recorded the man's full name and DOB, he asked his city of birth. The driver hesitated for a moment and then responded "Guadalajara." The record read "Mexicali." Once that question was answered, the adjuster diverted to Plan B. and asked a few extra identifying questions.

In the case of the four claimants, the DataMex report had revealed that three of the four injured men existed in the NMII. Only the driver was traceable, and he, too, had been born in Mexicali  This alerted the adjuster to a few possibilities.  (1) The three non-existing claimants were simply confused about their identities and it was a coincidence about the Mexicali connection or (2) The passengers were using made-up names and DOBs as part of a staged auto accident ring and the two drivers were brothers-in-laws (married to sisters) and the accident had been anything other than happenstance or (3) anything in the middle.

The possibilities at this point became almost endless. The primary two choices are:

1. Call the attorney and kindly let him know that he does NOT want to pursue this claim. "Three of your claimants are using assumed/fictitious names and your two drivers grew up two blocks from one another in the same city. Would you like us to look into this further?

2. Expand the investigation to try to bring down the entire ring. DataMex is capable of gathering large amounts of information at reasonable cost.

DataMex, exclusively at The John Cooke Fraud Report, is the latest tool in the fraud fighting arsenal.  We are very excited to offer you the ability to obtain these records.  These records will NOT be made available to the general public.  Searches will only be available for John Cooke subscribers. 

The uses for this information is vast. Consider the following:
IS the subject using a real identity ... or did he buy the papers for sixty bucks in a back door shop on Figueroa Street in Los Angeles? ("Okay, you are going to be Juan Jose Perez-Flores and your date of birth will be 2-15-48!") This search will tell you if there is a Mexican citizen by the name of Juan Jose Perez-Florez who was born on that date.
IS the Juan Jose Perez-Flores who has submitted the claim to you ....the real one? Or did the real one register his automobile in Guadalajara on the same date that he allegedly got chiropractic treatment in Phoenix?
Is Maria Alana Guiterrez-Martinez (currently claiming spousal medical benefits on his health insurance policy) really Juan Jose's wife .... or is she his sister posing as his wife to get medical coverage?
Is Clinica Alveria  in Ixtapa a real clinic or is it an empty lot?
If it is a real clinic, do they specialize in plastic surgery?
Did Juan Jose have a pre-existing condition that has never been revealed in his workers' compensation claim? Was the same problem treated in Mexico under his Mexican Socialized Medicine plan?
Is the new vehicle that was stolen from Juan Jose a month after he purchased it really stolen ... or is it sitting outside of his mother's owned property in Mexico City?
Does Juan Jose own property or other attachable assets in Mexico ... yet expect Medicaid to pay for his recent kidney transplant because he insists that he has no assets?
Do the four seemingly unrelated claimants (all with soft tissue injuries) and the driver and passenger of the "at fault vehicle" all come from the same village -- yet they insist that they do not know one another?
Is the Juan Jose who had the kidney transplant the same Juan Jose who has his photograph on his National Identification Card? Does his signature match? Does his fingerprint match?



Yes, this is an advertisement. DataMex, the newest fraud fighting tool we have, is now up and running. We have access to full

  1. Criminal records,

  2. Civil Court Records,

  3. Marriage Records,

  4. Divorce Records,

  5. Birth Records,

  6. Death Records,

  7. Probate Court Records,

  8. National Locator Records,

  9. Reverse Telephone Records,

  10. Fictitious Business Records,

  11. Real Property Records,

  12. Corporate Filings,

  13. News Media Archives,

  14. Medical Records -- treatment received in Mexico,

  15. Bank Transaction Records,

  16. Medical Facility Checks,

  17. Neighborhood Records,

  18. Doctor and Pharmacy Information,

  19. Asset Searches and

  20. Photographs of an estimated 10% of those in the system.

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