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The John Cooke Fraud Report was the first magazine published topic-specific to fraud. The John Cooke Insurance Fraud Report printed its Premiere Issue in May, 1994 and The John Cooke Financial Fraud Report was launched in 1997. The two magazines were later merged in order to offer cross-education to both industries. The last print issue was distributed in September, 2005.

Leslie Kim has been the Editor of the of the JCFRs since 1994. Early in 2006, she was dragged, kicking and screaming, into the world of e-technology. The product now seen on www.johncooke.com is the result of the past 12 months of work. During the same time period, a sister website was also launched. www.FightFraudAmerica.com is a Public Education Forum covering a myriad of fraud issues confronting American consumers.  Our goal is to make this site the "go to" site for the public to learn about fraud schemes, how to protect themselves from fraud and information on where to report a fraud scheme.

Both efforts embrace the same mission statement:

"Fighting Fraud Through Communication and Education"


Editorial Staff

Leslie Kim, Executive Editor  
Diana McGinness, Web Mistress Extraordinaire
Susan Clarke, Associate Editor
Michelle Alba-Lim, Associate Editor
Susan D. Khabbaz, Graphic Design