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If you haven't yet looked over the FightFraudAmerica.com web site, do yourself a favor and get familiar with it. We've already had some success stories, but the latest one bears telling right now..

The FFA site has a "Contact us" link for people to use if they want to make a comment or seek additional help. Last week we received a note from a woman who urged us to print information on Sweetheart Swindles. We pointed her to the information that was already up there ... and read her story. It was chilling.
Her father was befriended by a gypsy woman. She moved herself into his home and then into his life. They fell "in love," and he married her. His health began to rapidly decline. He became sicker and sicker, weaker and weaker. When he died, his new wife got his house, his car, his bank accounts and all of the family heirlooms. There was no investigation into the death because "he was an old man" and it happened in a small town that did not know about cases such as "The Digitalis Murders."
Our intention at Fight Fraud America is to get people HELP. In this case we went right to the top of the investigative food chain and contacted "Rat Dog Dick," the San Francisco investigator who cracked the Digitalis case and was the subject of the book, "Hastened to the Grave." And Rat Dog, aka Fay Faron, is going to attempt to help. (She is indeed one of our fraud fighting heroes!!)
If YOU would like to be added to our HELP list, please check in to FightFraudAmerica.com and send us an email through that site.
Fighting Fraud (especially the kind that kills) is everybody's business, not just John Cooke's.


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