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It’s All In a Name – CHINESE

Understanding the naming conventions of other cultures is important for an investigator or for anyone wishing to certainly and correctly identify people in our diverse country. The following column is an attempt to assist the reader in correctly applying the conventions of uniquely ethnic names so identification is possible. This article should not be interpreted as indicating any unusual prevalence... 

Nigeria: The Myth, The Reality, The Hope  

By Leslie Kim Lagos, Nigeria. Even the names of the city and country bring forth the vision of a far-away, alien land, awash in mystery and ever-lurking danger. Maybe that’s what drew me to the city that ranks right up there at the top of global fraud hot spots. While my trip was motivated by a conference discussing Nigerian Financial Fraud matters (and intended to result in articles for... 

Behind the Gypsy Mystique

Editor’s note: According to the American Heritage Dictionary, “gypsy” is defined as “One inclined to a nomadic way of life.” In the following article, we intend the usage of the word Gypsy be to connote such a lifestyle. As is the case in dealing with all groups of people, we do not wish to imply that any or all people of the Gypsy culture are involved in criminal activities.... 

Understanding Our Differences – The Value of Cultural Awareness in Fraud Investigation

Introduction Fraud investigation can be difficult, challenging and time consuming. Those engaged in fraud obviously try to hide it, and the investigator generally must expend a great deal of time and effort sifting through the facts. When special investigations lead to the interviewing of non-English-speaking people from other countries (whether the interviewee is an insurance claimant, a suspect,... 
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